Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dog bowl

This week I started a new project. I was going to make a large egg for my Bick, but I figured that didn't make sense to make because I had already made an egg for it which was really small. So, I decided to make a dog bowl. I coiled a bowl and then made a dog bone to go inside of it. To top it off, I engraved my dogs name, Kody, into it. I can't wait for my dog to eat his new bone and drink out of this sturdy bowl! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Painting the Bear

This week I finished painting my bear. Since the blanket should turn out blue, white, and green, I decided to make the bear light blue so that it would pop out. I was very careful when painting it because I really like the looks of the bear, and I wanted the paints to look good in the end. I hope the light blue doesn't bleed onto the blanket because I like the difference between the two colors right now. I look forward to seeing the looks of it after it is fired. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


This week I decided to paint my sculptures. I painted my mini Bick this week. I did the same colors as the big chick so it looks like mother and daughter. I also painted the blanket of my teddy bear. It is supposed to turn out like a white color with green and blue dots everywhere. I am actually so excited for the final piece. I also want to paint the bear a solid blue color. I can't wait!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


This week I painted one of my first sculptures. I wanted to paint it all one color, so I chose a light pink. It was the sculpture of the girl looking like she was about to hit a volleyball. I think it might turn into a purple color once it is fired. I also worked on my tea pot this week. I am planning on making it look like an elephant. The stout will be the trunk of the elephant. I put some legs on the bottom. I also added some ears and eyes. I hope it will look good in the end. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This week I finished my lantern. I think it actually ended up looking really good, and I can't wait to paint it and make it look even better. It ended up looking bird like, so I am clearly attached to making birds. Since I did not have an assigned project, I decided to make another Bick! I did an exact replica of the original Bick, including the bent ear and texture. I have not decided whether or not I will paint the Bick the same way that I painted the other one or not. I just hope it looks really good once it is fired! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lantern is finished

This week I worked on my lantern. I did not really know where I was going with it, but I think it ended up looking pretty good after I got the hang of it. The shape that I tried to repeat a lot was the circular one that looks like the petal of a flower. I used it on the eyes if the figure, as the base, and as the top (peak) of the piece. I needed texture, so I added some circular indents that gradually get more spread out at they get closer to the top of the piece. I truly think this piece ended up looking pretty good.  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Working with wood

This week I could not attend class very much because I had to make up some tests. Mr. Runge was very generous when allowing me to do this. I will not be in class on Thursday or Friday, so I decided to help my friend with her wood piece. I gave her advise on what looked good and what didn't. I even tried writing with the pyrography pen.  It is a lot harder then it looks. I enjoyed doing this, and I hope that I can work with wood soon. I wrote this note to Olivia when using the pen.